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One Big Day Announcement

O.K. What was our big news? If you’ve been in church lately at Manning First Assembly, or if you’re connected to me on Facebook, you may have seen that we were making a big announcement today. Even friends who live in other states have been asking what it is, so here goes …
Our Building Fund is open for business! That’s just the headline. No matter your level of interest, please read on for the details.
Like most every church I know of there’s been a building fund the whole time I’ve been here, but it was never really promoted because … well … there was no plan to build any time in the foreseeable future. Until …
If you’re even an occasional attender at Manning First you know that our Fellowship Hall is in need of significant repair and/or replacing. While there are plans for some intermediate repair, painting, etc., the reason for hanging the “Open for Business” sign on the building fund is because we have reached a stage of enough growth and financial stability and viability to look toward, and begin planning for, the future.
Let me pause here to insert a very important part of this announcement. We are naming the building fund, and the building that will come from it, the Happy Moore Building Fund (and Happy Moore Fellowship Hall). For those of you who aren’t as familiar with those names, let me give you a capsule of the background.
George “Mr. Happy” Covington and Rosa Lee Moore have been instrumental in a majority of the 33 year history of Manning First Assembly. Both thought building fund giving was important all along. Not to mention actual participation in previous building stages here at the church.
Mr. Happy (whose son-on-law & daughter, Charles & Marsha Shorter, were the founding pastors here and are faithful members today) was promoted to glory just months before Debbie and I came to Manning. And Sister Moore, who was still teaching Sunday School in her 80s when we arrived, went to be with the Lord this past year. It is an honor to name the building fund, and eventual building, in their honor and memory.
That being said, with variables still to be decided we’re anticipating raising $50,000 by the end of 2017, at which point we will begin the site work necessary to plan the needed building. A goal of another $50,000 the following year will get us to where we can pursue the loan necessary to get the building under way while hoping to continue to raise the funds to open the building as close to debt free as possible.
If you would like to consider a gift, or regular giving, to the Happy Moore Building Fund, let me know at your earliest convenience. We would be glad to talk with you about the ways you might be able to help.
God is at work in our services, and continued growth in 2017 is what we believe with all our heart, soul, mind and spirit. We would love for you to begin – or continue – to be an instrumental part of that. Every gift of every size is needed, and appreciated.
And even if you cannot participate in such a tangible way, please join us in praying that we will move forward in God’s perfect will and timing, to the glory of His kingdom. Amen!
Pastor Larry Ambrose
Pastor Larry Ambrose
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