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I Choose

I choose Sweet Tea … but I try to choose it a little less often.
I choose breakfast sausage over bacon … but I choose bacon often enough.
I choose meat over veggies … I just try to choose smaller portions.
I choose Aquafina 99% of the time … just because I like it better.
I choose to wear jeans … a lot.
I choose to love my wife … even when it’s me who makes that harder.
I choose to worship God … because He gives me a choice … and because He’s worthy.
I choose to see the glass half full … because I enjoy being around “glass half full” kind of people.
I choose to root for my Dolphins … even when they haven’t earned it … because I choose loyalty over giving up every time things don’t go my way.
I sometimes choose to procrastinate … because I’m not perfect yet.
I choose to thank God for what I have … rather than complain about what I don’t have.
I choose to show God’s love (as best I can with His help) … because He chose to show His great love to me so freely.
I choose to rejoice in today … because today is the day the Lord has made.
We literally make thousands of choices every day. Some with very little thought because they are instinctual, or at least habitual. What to wear; what to eat; whether to do those things we know we should – school, work, responsibility, etc. – or not; how we treat people; etc.
Joshua 24:15 says, “choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve … But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”
Make that one choice a good one. And make the rest of your choices based on that one.
When we say that we WILL do something, it comes down to a choice we are making to do so. Choose you this day … the day the Lord has made … I WILL rejoice … I CHOOSE TO rejoice and be glad in it.
How will YOU choose?
Pastor Larry Ambrose
Pastor Larry Ambrose
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