Pastor's Blog

Just One Thing

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose
There’s a movie that we really liked. It might be considered “old” now, since it was released in 1991. But it’s still funny.
It’s called City Slickers. In it Billy Crystal plays Mitch – one of three “City Slickers” who go to a dude ranch to de-stress.

Forgive and Forget

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose
Even as forgetting seems to get easier as I get older, it seems that we struggle to forget those things that we would be best served to forget. Like when someone says or does something to hurt us.

I Choose

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose
I choose Sweet Tea … but I try to choose it a little less often.
I choose breakfast sausage over bacon … but I choose bacon often enough.
I choose meat over veggies … I just try to choose smaller portions.
I choose Aquafina 99% of the time … just because I like it better.

How Perceptive Are You?

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose

A pastor I served once told me "Reality is 90% perception."

You see there are two very real realities. There's what is actually going on, what actually happened. And there is what anyone believes to be going on, or has happened, based on their perception.