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One Big Day Announcement

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose
O.K. What was our big news? If you’ve been in church lately at Manning First Assembly, or if you’re connected to me on Facebook, you may have seen that we were making a big announcement today. Even friends who live in other states have been asking what it is, so here goes …

Zaxby’s … Mondays at Noon

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose

Two orders of the five wing combo, wimpy.

Maybe you’re not familiar with Zaxby’s. Or maybe you are, and don’t care for it. That’s o.k.

But for Deb and me, it’s our regular, weekly date “night” (if you will). We haven’t always had a date night this regular. But for the last couple of years, with very few exceptions, you could find us at the Zaxby’s in Manning on Mondays, between noon and one o’clock.

Resolutions Reputation

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose

There’s this guy I know. Nice guy. Real positive. Always encouraging. Into things like healthy eating, physical fitness, and fiscal responsibility. Hard to find something NOT to like about him.

There’s just one problem. He’s got kind of a bad reputation. If you’ve ever had a bad reputation (and who hasn’t?) then you know that they’re not always accurate, or fair. But once attached – fair, or not – they’re ALMOST impossible to lose.

What Happens When You Assume?

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose

You’ve heard it said. “When you ‘assume’ you make a [donkey] out of you and me.”

In fact, I’ve taken to using the word ‘presume’ where ‘assume’ might otherwise be viable. Just to lessen the number of opportunities for people to say it to me.

If Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Written by Pastor Larry Ambrose

You’ve heard the phrase. “Actions speak louder than words.” That made me think, “If actions speak louder than words, do action words speak the loudest?”Hold that thought.

A friend who knows I’m a grammar nerd reminded me that a gerund is a verb that acts as a noun. A web search turned up this definition: “a verb ending in ‘–ing’ that is used as a noun.”